Image Data Collection

Image data is critical to ensure unbiased results in computer vision algorithms, such as those that find human figures in security films, must be trained with carefully collected and segmented image data. Image analysis services that identify emotion in human faces, for example in the consumer market, or computer vision that scores industrial products as they pass by on a conveyor belt are all powered by image data.

Any subject. Any scenario.

We focus on providing access to comprehensive image training datasets with expert-level support towards scalability. Image data captured help machine learning models to match with the latest industry standards.

Image training datasets can be used to develop solutions such as; entity tracking, handwriting analysis, object identification, and pattern recognition.

High-quality image data

We can collect images data to match any specifications and need

People included

Gestural and facial tracking data for advanced sentiment analysis—for any demographic

Easy, secure data management

Access your data on an easy-to-use and highly secure data management platform

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