Transcription Services

Human-centered Audio and Video Transcription Services

The way we think about data is evolving, and more than ever, industry leaders rely on precise, trustworthy transcription and data annotation to run their businesses. You first have to understand your data, collect it from various sources and arrange it in a format which is ready for processing. All of our staff are trained to detect details such as accents, regional speech patterns, and unique vocabulary, allowing us to consistently offer high-quality transcription services and ensure that data is transcribed correctly.

100% Human Transcription for Any Industry

Despite advances in speech recognition technologies, human transcriptionists continue to deliver the most accurate transcription services available, and our team includes some of the industry’s best no matter what industry you are.

Popular transcription types

  • Interviews
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Market Research
  • Podcast
  • Insurance industry
  • Conference
  • Enterprise
  • Call Center & Phone Call
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Affordable Pricing

We offer reasonable pricing and use methods that are transparent and cost-effective to save you more money.

Data Security

Your files are treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and information policies that exist today.

Speedy Turnarounds

What is urgent for you is urgent for us. For rushed same-day deliveries, take advantage of flexi-plans.

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